Thursday, October 25, 2007

Poll: Where's the altar?

I'm using the Timeless Themes curriculum, preparing the Abraham and Isaac story for this Sunday. (Can you imagine a spookier tale for Halloween? And no, I'm not really planning to traumatize the children. Well, not too much...)

One of the goals of the lesson is to discuss what an altar is, how your congregation uses an altar, and then the children make an altar for themselves.

I was struck to realize just how out of the way this congregation's altar is--and in speaking with a few other UUs, I realize that apparently this is not at all rare.

So, does your congregation have an altar in the sanctuary?
If so--
Where is it in relationship to the pulpit?
What's on the altar?
Is there anything remarkable about the altar?


  1. I don't know that my congregation- All Souls, Indianapolis- even has an altar. I suppose we could set up a folding table behind the pulpit, if someone needed one, but...

  2. We have no altars in our church, (church altars are for Communion, which we don't do) but many people have altars in their homes. The home altars are focal points for a spiritual practice or a place to display precious items and pictures. Most kids make altars naturally; after your lesson, they'll have language for their actions!

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