Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dread and Treasure

I'll admit it - sometimes I clear my desk by throwing everything into a basket. Sometimes it's an oversized laundry basket.

Then it becomes a Dread Object. You know, those things you don't want to deal with because WHO KNOWS what's in there and what will you do with it anyway and oh, if people knew what you were hiding... they would have such a horrible picture of you! Whee, anxiety. In a laundry basket. I'd prefer dirty socks, thanks.

Today I got brave and emptied the big laundry basket. I found all the props from a sermon I did in January '09, notes from a few workshops, a bunch of stuff I should have recycled long, long ago.

A bunch of early Unitarian Universalist (1961-1963) pamphlets:

So You Are Concerned w/ Children's Worship (All three bulletins)
What Speaks to Our Children (Robert L. Cope)
Dynamic Religious Education (Jack Kent)
The Methods of Religious Education (Robert L'H. Miller)
Guide for Parents of Children Studying Child of the Sun (Beverly Shimmin)
Any Size is the Right Size (Mary Lou Page)

And a more recent addition, which I've been hunting for months:
What Did Jesus Say About Homosexuality?

My reading glasses didn't make it to work today--actually perusing any of the material will wait for a luckier day. But none of it goes back in the basket. Or on the desk.

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