Monday, February 23, 2009

Cutting Through It All

Shortly after I became a paid religious educator (as opposed to however many years I'd been doing the job instinctively and less formally), I met a minister. He was one of those rare souls with so little ego and yet such charm--it was impossible NOT to open up to him. Within a few minutes, over a simple dinner, he had me on my hopes and dreams. My stress and fears. Mostly he nodded. Asked the occasional question. Questions that gave me more questions.

Our time was limited--we needed to get back to a training we were attending. But as we stood to bus our plates he gave me a blessing that at the time didn't make sense. Indeed, it caught me by surprise. It was a truth I had to grow into, and then it gave me peace.

The specifics of it are not important. What is is the growing realization of the past few years of the magic he wrought with seemingly little effort. In the interim I heard from others with similar tales--how he was able to sense an underlying truth and pull it to the surface. Quietly, and with love.

One of these decades, I hope to cultivate this skill.

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