Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Would Good Will Hunting be welcome in your church?

There's a lot bubbling in my head right now, trying to explain the stretch that is authentic diversity. We truly DO want to look at our faith communities and see the proverbial rainbow, to know that a wide variety of opinions and backgrounds are in those minds...but when it comes time for conversation, well, most of us gravitate to those we already know, or those with whom we have easily identified common ground.

I could go on for hours, but then I'd be late to work. So, I'll jump back to the title of this entry--
Would Will Hunting be welcome in your church? He gets a plus for being brilliant and well-read. BUT, he doesn't have a degree and is pretty disdainful of that process, brutally blue color. He could get a plus for being from Boston, but his accent and clothes let you know it's more the Southie Boston than the Brahmin. His abrasiveness...well, it depends on the personalities already in the church and the content of a disruptive behavior policy.

Ok, maybe Will Hunting is a hard one. But consider your favorite character from another movie or a book. One who really stick with you. Is there a place in your congregation for that person?

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  1. Consider the Dark Knight of the benighted U*U World the dreaded Emerson Avenger who, truth be told. . . is too inquisitive for his own good and sometimes he can be an annoying know-it-all. :-)