Friday, March 19, 2010

UUism suffusing life?

Reading: Every Person's Guide to Judaism (Einstein and Kukoff)

"...this book is not simply about customs and ceremonies. Its focus is the deep connection between Jewish theology and Jewish living. Judaism is not merely a religion. It is a system that suffuses the life of its adherents."

Oh, how I would love to be able to insert "Unitarian Universalist/Unitarian Universalism" into those sentences. Authentically. Ours is a religion and we have theology. And we have oodles and oodles of wonderfully spiritual people doing wonderful work in the world... who do not want to own the words or do not recognize all that they do as an embodiment of Unitarian Universalism.

There is huge cultural work to be done. Sacred spaces to be created, baggage to be faced, and sweet revelations celebrated.

I'm ready to work and ready to celebrate. How 'bout you?

(I am doing a bunch of reading towards the credentialing process for Unitarian Universalist religious educators - if you'd like to know what that list looks like, check out )

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