Saturday, March 20, 2010

How does your faith enhance your life?

Reading: Every Person's Guide to Judaism (Einstein and Kukoff)

"For many Jews-by-Choice, their relationship with a Jew was the original impetus to explore Judaism....While an impending marriage with its accompanying thoughts of home building and child rearing may be the reason that some people begin to explore Judaism, it is important to realize that conversion is not a favor that one person does for another, regardless of the depth of love between them. Ultimately the choice of Judaism must be one that individuals make because it is right for them and because they believe that Judaism will be life-enhancing for them personally."

I'm just really digging the term "life-enhancing" as a criteria for choosing a faith. At first, enhancing seemed a bit shallow a word. Then I got the mental image of the folks cleaning the Sistine Chapel with qtips, it suddenly just coming into majestic new color...

(I am doing a bunch of reading toward the credentialing process for Unitarain Universalist religious educators - if
you'd like to see what that list looks like, see )

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