Monday, May 3, 2010

Finding Balance

One of the Tapestry of Faith curricula is Moral Tales -- a great collection of sessions, each exploring a moral value, with a story from one of many traditions. As a visual, you create a Moral Compass - it looks like a compass, divided into 16 wedges, each for a different value. Perseverance, Responsibility, Courage, etc. I made the compass at the beginning of the year, and printed out each of the values in 36 pt and set them in a specific spot so I could just add a slip to the weekly basket...

And then life got busy and my office piles took over and that one specific spot, well, something else must have needed that spot, or perhaps there was a strong breeze. No idea. I only know that we had a few weeks where we couldn't find the slips of paper.

Of course, when you can't find anything in your office, it takes three times as long to get anything done, and geez, it makes it hard to be in a good mood. I started coming into work EARLY EARLY one day each week, spending an hour or so attacking the mess before anyone else was in the building. The art project Mable forgot to take home. Pictures from thirty years ago that someone wanted me to have. A few thousand papers I should have recycled way back when. That sermon from that guy in St. Louis that I had been meaning to read for three years. OH, the stuff...

Finally I found the slips of paper! Or at least, most of them.

Balance has gone missing. I'll type up a replacement slip for now, and know that I can't check that one off my to do list quite yet.

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