Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Book: Creating Congregations of Generous People

Today's reading was Michael Durall's Creating Congregations of Generous People - I cracked the book open and realized that I had read most of it years ago - indeed, this book was my second introduction to the work of stewardship. (My first, of course, was being a steward in my home congregation's annual campaign. These things happen when your best friend chairs the stewardship committee.)

Since my first read, I've read a pretty full handful of other books/manuals, sat in on a one-day Durall seminar, and helped with a few more stewardship campaigns, from "just" asking to gathering folks for hopes-and-dreams brainstorming and writing a case statement. Fun times.

So, in a way, the re-read is somewhat nostalgic. Nodding my head at ideas that resonate even after a dozen iterations, face-palming at the same foibles and stumbles again and again. I'm reminded of how easy it is to take the easy path, and how hard to change culture.

I love the quotations collected at various congregations, and I'm intrigued by some of the questions asked -- now to continue the work of making a sacred space where those questions can be honestly and safely examined!

(I am doing a bunch of reading towards the credentialing process for Unitarian Universalist religious educators - if you'd like to know what that list looks like, check out

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