Sunday, June 27, 2010

Minneapolis Gratitude Exercise #2

1) I've had a lot of opportunities for Calves of Steel workouts. And shoes enough to rotate where the raw spots congregate.
2) I've had any number of really authentic conversations, at nearly every hour of the day. It's a good thing my roommate is the sleeping type, or I'd talk all night.
3) Bacon. My best friend claims that I'm the only person who could come to General Assembly and become less of a vegetarian, but OHhhh, bacon. Salt and crunch and fat. Add some syrup and you get the sweet as well...
4) Rebecca Parker makes my heart sing. (If you missed the John Murray Lecture, you need to seek it out. Really. Don't be me and wear mascara.) And I refrained from leeching on her last night. But it took quite a bit of restraint.
5) Comfortable places to perch - couches and chairs and quiet alcoves -- the third floor restrooms at the Hilton are AMAZING happy coolness, probably costing more than my house. But so hospitable.

(Next: Northwoods Gratitude Exercises...posted after I get back from said woods. Be well, all!)

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