Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Times, they are a-changin'...

While I was at General Assembly last week, my children were in the woods of Wisconsin. I met them there Sunday evening and they seemed to have grown immensely - perhaps due to the double breakfasts and double lunches they'd managed to finagle. They'd learned to drive the golf cart through wooded acres, and not only caught and cleaned loads of fish, but to batter and fry them. But they're still happy to climb into my lap and to let me ruffle their hair, so it's all good.

I joined them on the area lakes in my time "Up North" and well, my role was to feed fish worms. But it was lovely weather and there was plenty to see - my breath catches whenever I glimpse a bald eagle. I would point them out and there was no gasping. Just "Uh huh" and back to fishing. And I realized -- in my children's entire lifetimes, our national symbol has been off the endangered list. Heck, those majestic birds have been thriving. Yes, my children have heard my stories of what a big deal it used to be to spot an eagle, how you had to call the DNR to report nest sightings... but those aren't their stories.

The mangy little fox scampering down the bike lane got a bit more notice - they're still less visible and no bobbers held the kids' attention.

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