Saturday, June 26, 2010

Synergy celebrated

Last night was Synergy - a multigenerational worship service honoring those bridging from the youth program to young adults. It was lovely. Lovely. (Ok, the gestures for Gathered Here inspired me to start brainstorming what gestures for It's Raining Men might be...)

After, all were invited to a celebration (CAKE!) at the Hilton and then there was a dance. I'll admit, I'm not much of one for dances, at least, not since my own middle school days. And then someone said "80s dance" -- huh. The MUSIC of my own middle school dances.

It was exuberant energy so it took very little to get me in the room, with a LREDA board member coming along. And what was the first song as I got near the floor? Blister in the Sun. Heck yeah.

You'll be happy (?) to know that today's youth know both YMCA and the Macarena, and an assortment of line dances which they probably do not recognize as such. (I resisted the urge to convince the DJ to switch over to Achey-Breaky Heart...) And the age range in the room was easily 15-70, not that I was carding anyone.

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